Superfood to the Rescue-Yogurt

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Yogurt: A superfood Have you noticed that the yogurt section has been steadily increasing and now seems to have taken over the dairy section? Well being one of the healthiest dairy options out there it’s no wonder these are taking over supermarkets. A word that gets thrown around a lot about yogurt is probiotics. Probiotics literally mean for life that can benefit when eaten in adequate amounts. Probiotics or “good…

Superfoods to the Rescue-Avocados

Health, Superfoods

Superfoods to the Rescue- A know your Superfoods series I’m starting a new series entitled Superfoods to the rescue. Have you ever wondered exactly what fruits or vegetables can do for your body? Need that extra motivation to be healthy? I’m here to help with simple posts about the nutritional benefits of our favorite Superhuman foods. Starting off with the Avocado which is actually a fruit, not a veggie mainly…